DIY Space Shuttle Costume

This little space shuttle is ready for lift off.


Again, we couldn’t find many good tutorials on how to make a wearable space shuttle so we’re glad to be offering this to you all.

We completely forgot to take early photos of the construction but we’ll try to explain as best we can.


Find a good sized box (we happen to have this cranberry juice box from a trip to Costco). Cut an opening (toward the front of the box) large enough for child to fit through. Bottom of box is open. Cut and add cardboard for front and wings. We used packing tape but use duct tape if you can, it’s stronger. Two engine compartments in the back are made with card stock paper.

space_shuttle_costume_2 space_shuttle_costume_3 space_shuttle_costume_4

To bend the cardboard in the front, first score the cardboard.


Wrapped everything in lightweight white fabric using hot glue.


Cut slits in cups. Use pipe cleaners and straws to hold them in place.

space_shuttle_costume_7 space_shuttle_costume_8

Hot glue some red, yellow or orange tissue paper inside cups.


Cover two toilet paper rolls with black duct tape and glue inside engine compartments. Full disclaimer, I think space shuttles only have 3 engines so this may not be accurate.

space_shuttle_costume_11 space_shuttle_costume_12

We didn’t think our 3yr old would keep straps on well so we made a little tank she could easily wear and keep on.


Added windows and details around wings with black felt. Hand drew the lines using black marker. Printed and glued space shuttle logos to make it look legit.


Off she goes. The most adorable space shuttle astronaut ever.


Time and cost breakdown:

This costume took about 8hrs to make and $5 was spent on materials (cups $1, tissue paper $1 and white fabric $3).

Hope this inspires you to make something you and your kiddos will love.

This costume was 1 of 4 space themed costumes we made for our family this year.


Check out tutorials for the moon, astronaut and big dipper constellation costumes.

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