Faucet Extender How-to

Who cut the cheese? We did, of course!

After a couple visits to Target and Babies-R-Us looking for a faucet extender without much luck, we decided to make our own.  By “we”, I mean my husband – Chris. He’s much more innovative and handy with tools than I am so I let him have this one.

We looked high and low around the house for something that was the right size and safe for Zander to touch and consume water from (because he will drink this water at some point). Since the parmesan container is food grade, it was the perfect candidate. And no, your hands will not smell like cheese after using it. One good wash did the trick for us.

The steps are simple:

Cut and drill 3 holes on the bottom of the container. Large square hole is where the faucet will be inserted. 2 smaller holes are for the rubber band. We used a 4 inch rubber band.

Drill a small hole on the bottom of the container to drain any excess water.

Next two steps are pretty self explanatory. Insert the rubber band and attach it to your faucet. And in the words of my hubby… you’re DONEZO!

Here’s the little monster in action using his new gadget made by his macgyver Daddy

It may not be fancy but it sure is functional! Hope this inspires you to make your own “cheesy” creations.

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