Halloween 2011 – Japanese Meal

Unfortunately, I didn’t document how I made these with photos but I’ll try to explain how I made them below:

Sushi Chef Jacket:

  • Use a long rectangular piece of fabric. When folded in half it should measure from shoulder to wherever you want it to end, like the waist/hip area.
  • To sew sleeve holes, sew about 3/4 of the way up both open sides of the folded fabric.
  • For the front opening, cut the top piece of fabric down the center all the way up to the fold.
  • I sewed red webbing around the entire opening.

California Roll: Both front and back sides are identical so I’ll explain just the one side.

  • First I made what resembles a black tank top.  The tank top has 2 layers of fabric on front, 2 layers on back – leave the layers open at the bottom for now.
  • Inside the front 2 layers I cut a round piece of cardboard and placed it inside, then sewed the bottom of the tank closed.
  • White fabric (the rice) is a fuzzy material I found at Joanns, sorry I don’t know the exact name. Cut it into a circle and hot glued to the front of the tank.
  • The black and color pieces (seaweed, cucumber, etc) are foam paper, cut and hot glued.
  • Since this was a sushi tank top pretty much, I just had him wear a black long sleeve shirt to match the seaweed tank.
  • This one was  a bit tricky. Hope that made sense!

Shrimp Sushi:

  • Same fuzzy white fabric used for Cali Roll cut into a rectangle. Shrimp is foam paper cut out into pieces like a puzzle and hot glued. Black seaweed wrap is felt. Added velcro to the bottom to easily wrap it around our pup.

Soy Sauce Packet:

  • Cut 2 rectangular pieces of red felt to fit desired length (from chin to knee)
  • Neck hole, sew top leaving enough space for your head to fit through – sew about 3 inches from edge. Leaving enough space to cut the triangles edges.
  • Bottom, leave open and cut the same triangle edges as top
  • Arm holes – sew top above arm hole about 3 inches. Leave opening for arm. Sew remaining below the hole all the way down.
  • Large white and black pieces on top were cut from felt and hot glued.
  • Everything else was printed from the computer and glued on.

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    • Hi Christina, thanks so much! That years costumes were one of my favorites. Glad you like it. I updated the post to include instructions on how I made them. I hope that helps! Would love to see a photo when you’re finished. You can post here or I’m on Instagram @rooinspires.

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