Halloween 2014 – Bug Life

We look forward to Halloween every year simply because it gives us an excuse to be creative and silly – well, okay, we need no excuse for that do we?

Every year, we think of a theme and costumes that aren’t terribly hard to make/assemble and doesn’t cost much to make.  Here’s a look at us over the years – all decked out.









  • Monarch Butterfly: I used felt and hot glue (a lot of it) for the entire costume. Antenna was purchased from Party City. Stay tuned for a full tutorial on how to make this.
  • Firefly: Again, primarily made with felt and hot glue. The glowing bum is a frosted plastic container with a glow stick inside. Antenna was purchased from Party City – added the eyes. Full tutorial on how to make this coming soon.
  • Bumble Bee: This is actually a bathing suit that Zoey already had. It came with a swim cap with antennas and the back has wings and a stinger.
  • Praying Mantis: This is a gist of how my husband made this awesome giant costume.
    • The head is shaved out of green floral foam blocks
    • Antennas are pipe cleaners
    • The top part of the body is a cardboard tube (from a poster) wrapped in felt
    • The bottom part of the body is flat cardboard, cut to shape and covered in felt
    • Arms are cardboard tubes (from gift wrap) bent and covered in felt
    • Legs are small pieces of cardboard covered in felt
    • Backpack style straps are string
    • Bug Life T-Shirt, drawn with a permanent marker. Complete with a Raid can in place of the “i” in “Life”.


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