Herringbone Hoodie

Since Zander outgrew his favorite grey hoodie from Baby Gap, our options were to:

1. Shell out another $45 for a similar one


2. Make an even better one for much less

As you can see, I went with option 2. I started with this pattern and adjusted it to be one-sided. I also added in the herringbone around the hood and elbow pads which aren’t part of the pattern.  Zander now has a one-of-kind grey hoodie with a hint of herringbone.

Cost of materials: $12

Seeing my son wear something I made: Priceless!

3 thoughts on “Herringbone Hoodie

  1. Hey James! I definitely recommend using a pattern. Especially for a hoodie which has so many pieces and is what I consider, a more complex project, it can be frustrating if your final product doesn’t fit right because your freehanded pattern was off. I’ve been lucky in the past with my freehanded patterns and most have fit well, but it’s certainly a trial and error process. I posted a link to the pattern I purchased. I think she also sells larger sizes, but not sure if any are for adult.

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