Kid Shorts With Pockets


Some go back-to-school shopping. Me?  I go back-to-school sewing. There’s nothing like my kids outgrowing their clothes to motivate me back on my sewing machine again. I found this pattern on one of my fave blogs of all time, Dana Made It. I started a few days ago and was able to finish both shorts today while my daughter napped an amazing 3 hours! I was beyond thrilled. These days, I love projects that take less than a week.

kid_shorts_with_pockets2 kid_shorts_with_pockets3

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to collect – everything, especially rocks. These pockets are great for just that.

kid_shorts_with_pockets4 kid_shorts_with_pockets5

Say “cheese” if you love pockets!


Hope this inspires you to get back on your sewing machine to make something fun!

2 thoughts on “Kid Shorts With Pockets

  1. Mary you really did a great job. They’re so adorable with all the details of zoeys little pockets. Hope you didn’t burn your little finger tips to much. I see and I know you put alot of thought into making them. Great job.
    I got it from my mother, she sewed most of our school clothes.

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