Lego Party

For my Lego obsessed little boy, we made him the best 3rd birthday party ever. He’s actually 4 now, so this post is way overdue, but better late than never, right?




My husband was the mastermind behind this sweet race track. I gave him a vague idea of what I thought might be cool and he amazes us with this. We brought our train table outside and filled it with Legos for the kids to build their own creations. Some built cars, some built elaborate trains that were 10 cars long.



We use a lot of tissue and toilet paper in this house! Could not think of a better way to recycle them than to build a giant Lego 3 for my 3 year old and to use as decor.


I used gift wrapping paper to cover the tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls, which were cut and hot glued to the boxes.


The circles on these Lego boxes are made from foam sheets.


I made this simple birthday banner using Illustrator. I have the file somewhere on my other computer. If I can find it, I’ll definitely share.


Lego Party Favors:

  • Boxes are from Ikea
  • Lego Stickers are from a sticker book found at Michaels
  • 3-D animal puzzles are from Oriental Trading
  • Mini club crackers were from Vons/Safeway. I made the top “Thank You” card. Again, the file is buried on my other computer somewhere.


Lego Snacks:

  • Club crackers with cheese
  • Graham crackers with marshmellows cut in half so they acted like glue to adhere to the cracker


Lego Jewelry:

  • The ring is hot glued together
  • For the necklace and earring I asked my hubby to drill a tiny hole on top to insert the chains and links.


For these I simply filled the cones with cake mix and baked them. Added the wrapper afterwards. Again, this file is somewhere. If I can find it I’ll definitely share.

There you have it. Hope it gives you some ideas for your own Lego party!

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