My family’s Journey to America

This isn’t a typical post for my blog, but it is such an inspiring story I am compelled to share it with you all.

As a young girl, my family never talked about how they came to America.  I knew they came by boat to flee Vietnam after the war but that was about it.  I was sure it was a hard journey and an emotional event to recall – so I never asked. It was not until 10 years ago that I got the courage to ask if they could tell me more about it. I interviewed my grandfather, parents, aunts and uncles. The stories and recollections that came out were sad, courageous and inspiring. At the time, I had ambitious intentions to compile the videos together as a documentary for my family.  Needless to say, this documentary has been on my to-do list for 10 years.  A few weeks ago, I finally put in the time. I sat down to review all the footage and listen to their stories – 8 hrs worth.

After many late nights of editing, I managed to create 2 documentaries. First, I made a long video, compiling all the interviews and photos. I desperately wanted a way to share their story with my kids, but I knew it would be hard (well, impossible at this age) for them to sit through a 1.5hr video AND read subtitles. I was on a mission to create a simple video for my kids, their cousins and all the generations that will come to enjoy – this is the result.


9 thoughts on “My family’s Journey to America

  1. I love this story. Thank you for sharing. This storu is very similiar to ky husvand’s family story. I hope many people watch it and realize that we are all humans and humanitarian crisis is happening right now as well. Open your hearts and more great stories will be told for generations to come.

  2. Wow, Mary! I had no idea that was your story. What a powerful video- well done. My heart breaks for the refugees that need a safe place to live and a chance to make it. We must help. And p.s.- you are a great artist!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Melissa. And yes, refugees from around the world are suffering and I think we must all help in some way or another.

  3. This is an amazing story. Beautiful and thoughtfully told.
    Your family’s courage and your parents’ bravery to seek a safe new world is inspiring.
    Thank you for creating this and sharing with us all!:)

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