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Yes, I finally get to check this project off my to-do list! The thought of a photo gallery was so overwhelming and daunting that I put it off for years, and years, and…years. This is my year and I’m determined to make big things happen so here you have it – a tackle at one of my hardest projects in a long time. It turned out even better than I ever imagined, mostly because it’s filled with the beautiful faces I know and love.


Since all our family photos were over two years old I had the choice of filling this space with older/classic photos of us OR try to take new photos. I chose the latter and planned a short notice, quick, DIY photo shoot on a free Saturday. Couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. I used the newest photos in the large frames and saved the older/classic photos for the smaller frames.

Materials used:

  • 4 Large 19 3/4 x 19 3/4in Stromby silver frames from Ikea ($12/each)
  • 4 ornate white frames 5 x 7in in 2 different styles from Marshalls ($7/each) (vertical photos)
  • 4 ornate white frames 4 x 6in in 2 different styles from Marshalls ($6/each) (horizontal photos)
  • 1 decorative wooden box with LOVE print from Marshalls ($5)


I added the artwork “Kind Heart, Fierce Mind & Brave Spirit” to the photo before printing. It’s set at 50% opacity. Here’s a free download of the artwork for anyone interested.


Here’s a free download of the artwork I created of “You are capable of amazing things”.


This is an up close view of the ornate frames.

Photo_Gallery_5 Photo_Gallery_6

Hope this inspires you to take on some big projects that have been on your to-do list for far too long. If this helped you with your own photo gallery, please share a photo of yours, I’d love to see!

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  1. I saw two of these at the Danada Square store in Wheaton, IL I know that’s a bit far for some of you. Not sure if it’s the lighting but the ones I saw had the vevlet portion in a bit more blue than seagreen.

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