Reversible Bucket Hat

So… Zanderoo needed a new hat to fit that growing head of his. I found this tutorial which I followed almost to the tee.  The only part I skipped was the hand-sewn part at the end. I just used my sewing machine for that part, too.  If I can avoid hand-sewing something, I’m all for it. I used the pattern that fit’s a 3-5 year old and low and behold, it barely fits him! So either Z’s head is huge, or this pattern is off.  I’m gonna go with the pattern. If you use this pattern, I think it’s safe to assume the 3-5 year old size will fit a 12-15 month old.

Considering I started this project on a whim one night after finding the tutorial, I’m proud to say I completed it in one night! From start to finish, it took me 2.5 hours.  There’s no better project than one that offers immediate gratification.

That said, hope this inspires you to make a cool ‘lil hat to keep the your ‘lil ones stylish and protected from those pesky UV rays.

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