School Supply Cake

Here’s a fun and creative way to give some love (and school supplies) to the teachers and school that nurture your kiddos.


Materials used:

  • 1 ream of paper
  • 1 pack of napkins
  • 1 box of tissue
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Stickers – $1
  • 20 pencils – $2
  • 20 markers – $4
  • 6 bottles of bubbles – $2
  • Mini chalkboard sign – $1

Total Cost: $10

There are a ton of different things you can use as the layers and to decorate the “cake” but I tried not to spend too much so I used what I had at home and maximized what I bought by spacing out the markers/pencils.

Here are some simple steps on how to make this bad boy.

  1. Used packing tape to hold the layers together and the bubbles to the tissue box.


2. Wrapped some ribbon around the ream of paper.

3. Used a long piece of scotch tape to space out the markers on opposite sides of the napkins.


4. Used the same technique for the pencils.


5. Wrapped the sticker sheet around the tissue box.


6. Attached 4 pencils to the corners of the tissue box with tape.

7. Write your message on the chalkboard.


There you have it. A sweet gift the teachers cannot eat (Zander told his teachers not to eat this cake).

Hope this inspires you to give a little love to the teachers that mold our children. For more ideas on gifts for Teacher Appreciation checkout this post.

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