T-Shirt Turned Tank

Quick and simple tutorial on how to turn a t-shirt into a tank. Perfect for the warm summer months to come!

Video Tutorial:

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1:

Fold tee in half and cut arm holes and neckline. Tip: Use one of your tank tops as a guide to mark where to cut.

Step 2:

Hand sew along dotted line.

Step 3:

Pull on thread to gather material. Tie the thread at the end to secure the gathering in place.

Step 4:

Measure about 2 inches down from neckline.

Step 5:

Fold (accordion style) down to the 2 inches you measured. Hand sew in place.

Arm holes and neckline can be left unsewn – they won’t fray.

There you have it! Five simple steps to turn your tee into a tank. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “T-Shirt Turned Tank

  1. I had one goal today and that was to make this tank top. *sigh* Too many other things cropped up and alas this goal was not met but this project is bookmarked, I WILL do it!
    Loving your site, keep up the amazing work 😀

    • I know the feeling. So much to do, so little time. I’d love to see your tank once you’re done! Upload a photo if you can. G’luck and feel free to reach out to me if you need help along the way. – Mary

  2. I saw this and thought it was so cute. I tried it. Not too bad. However can you give some measurements as to how far down to cut and where to sew the strap portions.

    • Hi Jamie,
      Your best bet would be to use one of your existing tank tops as a guide for cutting your arm holes and neckline. That’s what I did. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll update the posting to include that tip.
      – Mary

  3. I just made this out of a Mariners t shirt !! Im also going to cut down the sides to have holes there so my under neith tank top shoes too !! LOVE IT ! thank you 🙂

  4. So cute!! Thanks for posting this! My BIL is in a band; their shirts (skulls, demons, zombies, etc) are NOT my style. Your design will help me rock their shirts in public!

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