The Twofer

Zander is ready to kick it old school in his new hoodie. This was the second hoodie I made using this pattern and it came out almost perfect – to my standards at least.  If you try this pattern, be sure to use these tips to align the pockets. It didn’t work perfectly for me, but it was definitely an improvement from my first hoodie.  The best thing by far about this hoodie is the “twofer” factor. That’s right, two jackets in one!

I know what you’re thinking. In the age of smart phones and media players, he’ll never know the true beauty of cassette tapes.  Well, thanks to his Daddy and Auntie Angie, he’ll grow up with a complete set of 80’s mixed tapes and an original Sony boombox to play them with.  Here’s a pic of Z at 9 months, ready to jam.



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