Valentine’s Day – You Are Loved


Happy Valentine’s! Here we are, decked out in our traditional heart shirts cheesing for the photo booth at our Valentine’s party.


photobooth_props Candy heart photo prop handles are made using free paint sticks from the hardware store and foam paper from the craft store. I also made a bird with the word “love” that goes with the yellow bird Zander is holding for “love birds”.

For valentine’s this year I decided to make these heart shaped crayons I thought were super cute. I followed this easy tutorial.


Here’s a tip for peeling crayons: Use an exacto knife to slice the paper first. Should come right off afterwards. We tried just peeling them at first and it took waaaay too long and I’m not that patient so this method worked wonders.


Over the weekend we went to the Home Depot workshop where Zander built and painted this sweetheart box. We decided to use it to make something special for his teachers this Valentine’s.


We added a Valentine’s message to his teachers and he signed the back.


I woke up early this morning to make these dark chocolate mint and white chocolate covered strawberries


Could not be more happy with how they turned out!


To make your own bouquet of strawberries simply cut and insert a floral foam block into your pot. Poke your strawberries on a stick into it and your done! Also, I didn’t have any popsicle sticks so I used disposable chopsticks and they worked perfectly, better than popsicle sticks in my opinion (and they were free because I had a ton laying around from past take out.)

Hope this inspires you to make something special for someone this Valentine’s!


Here’s an updated photo showcasing a heart garland and heart shirts I made for each of us.


– For the heart garland I used an assortment of free paint chips from the hardware store and cut them into hearts. Using an exacto knife, I cut 2 small slits in the center of each heart and threaded a piece of ribbon through. Easy peasy.

– The shirts were super simple. I cut some felt hearts and stitched them onto some existing shirts we had. It’s hard to tell from the photo but I used a contrasting color for the stitches. IE: Red heart = white stitch, White heart = red stitch. The felt will not fray in the wash so these will last forever – or at least until they outgrow them  🙁




It would not be Valentine’s without sweets. Here’s my Zanderoo savoring ever bit of his red velvet whoopie pie.


I surprised my family with this Valentine’s Day set up the other day. I wanted something simple and from the heart. This is what I came up with:

How to do this yourself:
– Mailboxes are from the dollar section at Target
– For the initials on the mailboxes I used scrapbook stickers
– The banner was made using cardstock craft paper. Divide an 8.5×11 piece of paper into 4 equal parts and print 1 letter/heart in each quadrant. Hole punch and weave twine through to make garland.
– Finish it off with some fresh flowers and your done!


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