Zoey’s 1st Birthday, Tea Party Style


Confession, Zoey is actually 2 now and I am just now getting around to posting this. I’m only a year behind, could be worse.

I was researching ideas for her party when I came across these A-frame tents. I thought they would be perfect for a tea party outside.


I made both of our dresses. For hers, I followed this straight forward tutorial for a pillow case dress. I love the owl and fox print. To make it even more adorable I added the pom ribbon to the bottom hem.


My dress extended to the floor. Sorry, this is the best photo I have. I made this dress using an existing shirt as a pattern. Luckily, I used fabric that does not fray so I was able to leave the neck, sleeves and bottom hem unfinished. The only seams are down the 2 sides and on the 2 shoulders. Fit snug like a bug, a little too snug for my taste but I wasn’t about to make another one so here you have it.


For our sweet, sweet Zoey, we had a sweet ice cream bar loaded with toppings. Throughout her party I used recycled baby food jars for various things from ice cream toppings, party favors and candles.



For this heart collage of photos I used these Fotoclips. They are awesome and can be used to form different shapes and even make lampshades.


These party favors were made from recycled baby food jars.


The tiny Zoey banner was made using skewers, yarn and paper.


Hope this inspires you to do something special for you and your littles.

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